• Launching "BRM”
    - a project for
    the next 100 years

  • Moving into the
    22nd century

  • The Bitcoin Revolution:
    Chapter 1

  • A new era for bitcoin

bitcoin roadmap

The financial services industry is currently undergoing a major period of change and upheaval.
The use of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions.
We are building mining markets, and are focused on developing a mining business for the next 100 years.
BRM technology offers significant benefits and opportunities for its users.

  • Cryptocurrency

    These virtual currencies are known as “crypto-currencies”. As the name suggests, the currency is encrypted so it cannot be counterfeited, and encrypted data cannot be overwritten or modified.

  • mining

    Bitcoin mining involves verifying and adding recent worldwide bitcoin transaction data to the public ledger of transactions, known as the block chain (distributed ledger). Virtual currency is offered as a “reward” or incentive in exchange for doing this. The process is called “mining” and is analogous with gold mining.

  • ai trade

    Advances in statistical methods of machine learning.
    Development of “deep learning” techniques.
    Making AI trades possible.
    Arbitrage AI trading system.
    An AI system works out the "best trade” available across a range of crypto-currencies based on vast amounts of accumulated data, and duly executes each stage of the trade.

  • target

    BRM sets out to be the ultimate mining company. Its high performance AI trading system (“Crypt Engine”) and its ability to mine BTU at speed, utilizing genuine miner knowledge and information on the implementation of bitcoin forks, give it an unrivaled and wide-ranging perspective on the crypto-currency sector.

  • What is Bitcoin??
    Bitcoin is one of a range of different virtual currencies that can be used on the internet.
  • These virtual currencies are known as “crypto-currencies”. As the name suggests, the currency is encrypted so it cannot be counterfeited, and encrypted data cannot be overwritten or modified.Bitcoin is mainly used for remittance and settlement.
  • The development of BTC
    Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper on bitcoin was published in October 2008. Bitcoin software was implemented as an open source code, and trading in bitcoins began. Bitcoin market capitalization increases fifteen-fold over 18 months.

Key features of bitcoin


What is BTU?

Bitcoin Unlimited is a software tool that allows users to dynamically configure their desired block size by eliminating the regular block upper limit of 1MB. The "official" software upon which it is based is called Bitcoin Core, with BTU launched by a different group of developers to the original Bitcoin Core team.

Block sizes for bitcoin have been close to or hitting the 1MB limit for some time now. Consequently, the network is increasingly crowded and fees have risen. As demand for an increase in block size grows, the number of advocates and supporters of Bitcoin Unlimited is rising.

Bitcoin Unlimited’s principal objective is to facilitate an increase in transaction processing volumes over the Bitcoin network.


The bitcoin split
One leading miner puts it like this. "The emergence of bitcoin has created more change and upheaval in the financial system in the space of just three years than anything we have seen in the past 30 years. If we follow that theory through, it’s hardly surprising that BTU has already caused made such an impact in just three months.” In line with this, the market capitalization of bitcoin cash generated in China has exceeded 1 trillion yen in only 10 days.

BRM has a market-leading position in bitcoin. While this is more than sufficient for its continued growth, BRM also has other opportunities, which are as yet so widely known about. On 11/18 (X-day), bitcoin will split, marking the beginning of a new phase for the currency with the launch of BTU (“bitcoin unlimited”). BRM has been planning for this. It has already completed its preparations and is now mining BTU. Even if the fork does not take place on 11/2 as planned, growing congestion on the BTC network means that the implementation of a “hard fork” appears to be only a matter of time. BTU is set to become a talking point over the next few months, thereby resolving the some of the negative features currently ascribed to bitcoin. Naturally, its potential and value for users is enormous and hard to quantify.


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