AI Crypt Engine

■AI Trading

Advances in statistical methods of machine learning.
Development of “deep learning” techniques.

Making AI trades possible.
Arbitrage AI trading system「CRYPT ENGINE」
An AI system works out the "best trade” available across a range of crypto-currencies based on vast amounts of accumulated data, and duly executes each stage of the trade.

■What is arbitrage?

An arbitrage is a transaction which takes advantage of a situation where the same asset temporarily has two different prices (price distortion). The trading system sells the asset at the more expensive price and buys the asset at the cheaper price. When the price difference closes, the system reverses the transactions to earn a profit (selling the asset bought cheaply for a higher price and vice versa).Exploiting pricing differences in this way is a low risk way of generating a profit.

■BRM AI trading

BRM sets out to be the ultimate mining company. Its high performance AI trading system (“Crypt Engine”) and its ability to mine BTU at speed, utilizing genuine miner knowledge and information on the implementation of bitcoin forks, give it an unrivaled and wide-ranging perspective on the crypto-currency sector.