What is mining?

■What is mining?

Bitcoin mining involves verifying and adding recent worldwide bitcoin transaction data to the public ledger of transactions, known as the block chain (distributed ledger).
Virtual currency is offered as a “reward” or incentive in exchange for doing this. The process is called “mining” and is analogous with gold mining.

No restrictions on number of miners; anyone can participate.The miner confirms there is no double-spending related to the transaction balance, and that no fraud or tampering has occurred.The miner receives a reward of bitcoins as compensation.

■BRM mining

"BITCOIN ROADMAP" has successfully developed the most advanced and innovative cloud mining technology and capabilities ever seen. BRM has resolved the issue of high electricity consumption and costs typically involved in bitcoin mining, and has unveiled an innovative design which breaks the mold, reducing mining costs to 1/300 of their existing level in Japan. Following the design principles used in the development of the iPhone, the hardware is designed with a highly compact graphics board. This is a unique and revolutionary mining system with dramatically reduced running costs to ensure maximum performance and satisfaction for its users. There is no limit to the system’s ability to generate crypto-currencies, with multiple source codes available. This ensures maximum flexibility and opportunities for its users.

"BITCOIN ROADMAP” has a proven track record, and has successfully mined a range of Top 10 crypto-currencies, such as BTC (1), ETH (2), LITE (5), DASH (6), MONERO (10), ETC (Ethereum Classic) (11), ZCASH (16).